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Coming Fall ‘87 to UHF 76

Updated: May 1

I decided to have a little fun and came up with a new sitcom concept, complete with a UHF TV station indent.

Below is the Script for the promo. Everything ended up as originally scripted with the exception of the laugh track. It just didn't seem to work in the piece.

I named the lead character Walter Parre. Walter for my grandfather, and Parre because I caught a glimpse of Moon 44 in my VHS collection right before I wrote this.

I wanted to call the TV station UHF 77, to honor my friend, and Video 7 owner, Bob Achille's legacy, as the number 7 was his number when he played sports. However, UHF 77 is now a wireless microphone product. So, it became 76, as that was the year of my birth, and I always liked the bicentennial flag. Also, 7 is my favorite number. I started liking it when I was around five-years old. I remember seeing the 7-Eleven sign a lot, which had a lot of green in it. Green is my favorite color because my Grandma Lamberti told me it was my birth stone when I was little.

A fun fact is that 7-Eleven used to rent VHS tapes. It was called MovieQuik.

7-Eleven sign with green background
7-Eleven sign with green background


He’s an American plumber who starting a new life—as a plumber to the rich and famous in Australia.

The problem is, in in the land down under, toilet bowls flush the opposite way.

(laugh track)

Get ready for a wacky wild comedy ride as Walter Parre stars in the new fall comedy, a “royal flush”

Tuesday night at eight on UHF 76

MovieQuik picture from
MovieQuik picture from

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