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StarCrash with David Hasselhoff

Updated: May 1, 2022

The movie really pulls out all the stops when it comes to special effects.

David Hasselhoff, one of my childhood heroes playing the role of Michael Knight. Yes, I was one of those rabid kids who had to have a talking KITT car. I’m pretty sure my dad had beat another father down at K-Mart for it, but I digress.

Years later, I would find out that David Hasselhoff’s coolness extended further into the sci-fi world than I had previously known. The movie is called Starcrash, starring Christopher Plummer and Caroline Munro.

So you get ¾ of the way through this movie, and then all of a sudden David freakin’ Hasselhoff shows up. Hasselhoff is a mean, lean lightsaber-fighting machine in this flick, which is full of very original sets and models, and colorful lighting.

And the movie really pulls out all the stops when it comes to special effects.

On a similar note, my favorite movie is Barabarella for one reason: originality. I mean, a space girl in a universe that looks like it’s in a lava lamp, who travels through the stars in a ship that looks like shag carpet! C’mon, that’s movie perfection!

And that’s what makes Starcrash so special. It tries to do everything. And it does so in a very original way. The soundtrack is also amazing. Scored by John Barry, known for the James Bond theme and the Dances with Wolves soundtrack.

And dig this, daddy-o, there’s a Starcrash 2. I didn’t know it existed until now because it was called Escape from Galaxy 3 when I passed it up on video store shelves back in the day.

I’m actually going to pass it up again though. Half the movie is a new set of main characters frolicking around in a forest. And that’s not very sci-fi if you ask me.


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