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Who Created Transformers Optimus Prime?

Updated: May 1, 2022

If you were a kid in the 80s, transformers were serious bid-ness. I remember begging for Optimus Prime. My father snatched the last one in a Montgomery Wards for me right from under another parents nose who was asking a store clerk where she could find “Optimistic Prime.” Nice work, Dad!

But for reals, back in 1984 everyone knew who Optimus prime was. Duh! But what you might not know is Optimus’ secret past.

Optimus was originally know as the Diaclone Powered Convoy in Japan. During the 1983 Tokyo Toy Show, Hasbro fell in love with the transforming robots. They then created Optimus Prime, Dinobots and Decepticon planes as part of the new Transformers toy line.

I actually had a Diaclone toy when I was little and didn’t even know it. Specifically, the Diakron Multi-Force 14 Robot that you see pictured here.

Diaclone was also sold under the Kronoform name.

So what happened to Takara? Well, they merged with tomy back in 2005. And you can find their products under the Tomy name. And if you read the fine print. And I know you love to. You’ll see that Transformers are still manufactured under license from Tomy.


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