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About America's Favorite Video Store

Video 7 was started up by Bob Achille. The original video store was located across the street from it's current location at 22 Kneen Street in Shelton, CT


Bob started reading about VCRs in Video magazine in the 80s. He eventually saved up enough money to buy his own VCR with the help of his dad. His fascination the technology centered around being able to watch what he wanted when he wanted. 


Later, he acquired a number of VHS tapes while working his day job in the mid 80s and started renting them out to coworkers.  He turned his side gig into a full-time business in 1984. 

Today, Video 7 is a national treasure. Beloved by those who started renting VHS tapes there many years ago, Bob's creation is now entering a new era where video store lovers reminisce about the past while making new memories at America's favorite video store, Video 7.

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