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How Did Mystery Science Theater 3000 Start on KTMA? | MST3K

Updated: May 1, 2022

We all know and love Mystery Science Theater 3000, but have you seen what the show looked like before it made the move to cable TV?

Check this out. MST3K wasn’t known for its big budget production value, but you can see it’s humble beginnings here in the video above. These are scenes from the pilot that got the show a 13 episode run on Minneapolis station KTMA.

It’s said that for the pilot episode the robots and the set were built by Hodgson in an all-nighter.

You can see how they apparently filmed a lot of the show’s open in KTMA’s master control and the control room. Comedian Joel Hodgson and KTMA production manager Jim Mallon teamed up to produce the first episodes of the show.

Unfortunately, KTMA went under causing the show to be canceled. But lucky for us these episodes can still be found online.


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